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A Digital Republic. An industry leading DLT Economic System. A New Kind of Internet.


Pietra is the first Digital Republic and a platform for digital citizenship, publications, and public computing. It establishes a Libre-market in order to incentivize for-Gratis applications. Pietra is the first country founded on the collaborative value of human culture, not on the natural-value of location. Simply put, Pietra re-organizes existing versions of technology, institutes new technological and economic structures, and protects against nefarious use of Artificial Intelligence,  Automation, and future technologies. 


For a more tangible idea of what Pietra is, you can think of it in a few parts:

firstly, Pietra is about privacy

Pietra is as a platform for digital citizenship and a way to protect your privacy and online data. The Internet is becoming more sophisticated and users'-rights are not being respected, as corporate interests supersede the national rights on existing platforms. At the same time, the rise of the organization of nefarious groups through online channels is an important new turn in our society and must be policed and dealt with in a civil manner. This includes trials by peers of citizens and a Constitution of Values,  which the trials will look to as a rubric in order to maintain a civil society online.

Secondly, Pietra is about usability + collaboration

Pietra can also be thought of as the first digital-country and there fore fit neatly into existing trade networks as a partner not a competitor. Using the Keynesian economic approach, with an efficient DLT solution, we look to increase wealth by increasing transaction velocity and by backing the value of our currency to the use of our network to facilitate real world economic value and returns. 


By having an in-demand, and useful collaborative system, we can out compete old models based on efficiency and make a fee-less, international and instantaneous transaction system.  In this regard, we seek to enter the transaction markets in the least profitable position and to compete on Scale of Use to create the most valuable-- yet least profitable-- world system, in order to organize human behavior and intent collectively, rather than through the for-profit motivation.  

Thirdly, Pietra is about publishing + Social Media

Pietra can be thought of as a new way to access the internet & published content. Pietra creates a robust coding environment for applications and sites that distribute and track published digital content in a public citizen network. Citizens access the data on the public network: they watch movies and play music, participate in social media, listen to podcasts, play video-games, VR games, and use applications that other citizens have made on the network, and the creators are rewarded directly! This means no more advertisements! 

Fourthly, Pietra is about artificial intelligence + Big Data

Since all the data is tracked and permissioned, our platform is ideal for the organization of big data sets needed to create and define neural networks, yet we protect against the power of large AI's by organizing it under the protocols of a civilian Republic. This allows people to sell their data on different levels to different entities-- or not at all, and for citizens to have a strong voice in the direction of how we move forward together as a Republic in the face of automation and artificial intelligence. 


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The Pietra Network is a big place. Here are some ways to interact with the network:



The Citizen model is essential to Pietra. If you are interested in learning more about Pietran Civil Society and how you can get involved, start here:


Broadcasters and "miners" 

If you are interested in Pietra because of our take on crypto-currencies, our implementation of Hash Graph, IPFS, how Pietra works for Broadcasters + Miners, Or if you just want to see our white paper, start here:


Creators, coders, and Curators

If you are a creator, artist, designer, coder,  curator, or publisher and you are interested in how the Pietra network affects the Arts and Publishing worlds, start here:



Pietra + you
Pietra + you
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Becoming a digital citizen to use the network free of charge and to protect my data.
Creating content on/for the network that is rewarded fairly.
Becoming a broadcaster and Broadcasting, what we call "mining", the Network for rewards.
Using the network for Enterprise or AI use.