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Broadcasters are the backbone of the Pietra network.



  Broadcasters are nodes that store data chunks and serve data to other Citizens. In Pietra we broadcast data over the network to facilitate the production of value. This creates an incentivized platform for Citizens to watch and create digital media like: podcasts, movies, television, social media, video games, VR, and the fun new things our citizens will create.


Figure 1.

Broadcasters Facilitate value production.

In this example a creator uploaded a video to the Public Cloud represented by the leftmost node. When the rightmost node requests the video that the creator uploaded, the hash-graph is automatically updated and rewards the creator of the video, as well as any broadcasters that served the data. They are rewarded in Pietra's currency, called Stone (STNE). This process acts as an Inflationary Mechanism and creates currency being rewarded. 



Figure 2.

Private & for-profit enterprises Price that value.

Broadcasters are able to switch between the Public Network that houses free data and various different private networks that are competing to gain the attention of Broadcasters with Bonus-Fees. 

The broadcaster has to manage their portfolio broadcasting materials, and broadcasters that can take advantage of market opportunities will make more returns for their efforts, by carefully deciding when to Broadcast to the Public Side, the Private side, or a mixture of both. This also prices the use of the network and makes the currency valuable, acting as a deflationary mechanism.