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Pietra and the Environment…

A core motivation in Pietra is to use Distributed Ledger Technology in an efficient and useful way. To achieve this, our system integrates Hashgraph, which does not require the use a Proof of Work Algorithm. We critique current implementations of Coin Systems, like Bitcoin, for making expensive and wasteful transactions. During the peak of the Bitcoin boom, miners were using as much electricity collectively as a small country; and yet all of this power contributed little-to-no novel functions for society. If we are going to make a world computing machine, it should be efficient and it should be useful. We must find better ways and the most efficient solutions to various issues involving world networked systems, Group Consensus, and the economy-- not the most expensive and inefficient solutions. Pietra's core structure was designed with serious focus on protecting the natural environment through the expansion of non-destructive economic protocols, and the direct rewarding of For-Value activity though the Coin-Base. 

In addition to our core structure, Pietra is developing and integrating multiple projects towards the goals of a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world. More information on this topic, these projects, and the team is coming soon. 


Interact with pietra

The Pietra Network is a big place. Here are some ways to interact with the network:



The Citizen model is essential to Pietra. If you are interested in learning more about Pietran Civil Society and how you can get involved, start here:


Broadcasters and "miners" 

If you are interested in Pietra because of our take on crypto-currencies, our implementation of Hash Graph, IPFS, how Pietra works for Broadcasters + Miners, Or if you just want to see our white paper, start here:


Creators, coders, and Curators

If you are a creator, artist, designer, coder,  curator, or publisher and you are interested in how the Pietra network affects the Arts and Publishing worlds, start here: