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Valueism is a new economic model, theory, and system that seeks to create composed and useful markets in order to increase transaction velocity and maximize value--  the overall use of a society's assets and functions. Valueism counters the mode of For-Profit Capitalism, in which capital under-prices the value of human collaboration.


Valueism 1.

As society advances so must economic protocols. 

In this video we look at how the For-Profit protocol was made to extract physical assets out of nature and into a culture. The For-Profit protocol was made in a simplistic society that had simple functions, and because our society is now much more advanced with many complex functions, we also need to advance our economic protocols that act as the myelin sheaths of social interaction. 



Valueism 2.

The For Profit Protocol Supply chains and Digital Assets. 

In this unit we go over how the For-Profit protocol creates the supply chain,  and why that is so effective and good for society when society is only dealing with physical assets. We also jump into The advent of digital media and how that turn  has required a shift in thinking so we can best price non-physical assets most accurately. 


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